Upper Iowa University campus sculpting tour website. This class project I created a website using Adobe Dreamweaver with the second programming language called CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). I was given a plan HTML file with no styling or links and only images and text to add. 

The city of Pana Illinois (City of the Rose). This was my midterm project were I utilized my skill with CSS to create a tourism website from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver.  

The biography of Herbert Matter. This was my first project using a new type of web design called “Responsive Web Design. Up until then my web designs were only formatted for the desktop computer screen but utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver and Bootstrap I was able to format my web design to be viewed on a smartphone and tablet. Not only is the website viewable on multimedia devices but it also allows the view to interact with it. 

Space and Science. This was my final project where I took all the knowledge I learned throughout the course. I was allowed to choose a subject of my own and create a website from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop to create the header images.